Our Stars:



Brand Campaign

Our Stars have worked with hundreds of reputable brands such as (Grab, Mataharimall, Astra, Traveloka and many more) with significant contribution in term of impression and conversion beyond expectation.



Stars is not just about social media endorsement, but it is important to also properly inspire fans and followers and being responsible of their trust for following the stars. Our stars are not just popular, but they grow as real life role model that people their market can look up to them.



We know you want to be closer with our stars, so why not to start collecting items that our stars personally pick, select and create to be closer to you. From their hand-drawings, souvenirs, quotes, to exclusively signed books they published.


We exclusively represent and groom our most authentic, unique, creative and talented stars across the nation from musicians, to comedy, and host variety shows from talkshows to experimental gameshows and definitely events for their loyal fan base. We help them to explore their creativity and to connect them with fellow content creators for creative collaboration.

We collaborate with ambitious talent and brands. let’s build something great together